Toddlers running

About Us

We are a business run from home in Sydney Australia, with 4 main goals:

  • increasing the awareness of the benefits of modern cloth nappies
  • to provide comprehensive information on modern cloth nappy choices    
  • to help parents make informed choices about which modern cloth nappies to buy
  • to provide an online store with a huge selection of good quality modern cloth nappies and related accessories


I am a Mum of four gorgeous kids and since my eldest was born have been looking for an opportunity such as running Cotton Bottom.  I am very excited to be 'going back to work' and doing something that will allow me to be there for the kids as well.  I want the best for my family including environmentally friendly solutions, good nutrition and most of all happiness.  I will strive to continue to provide great quality cloth nappies, accessories and other popular children's goods for all existing and prospective Cotton Bottom customers!

The Kids

Elijah was born in 2008 and growing up too quickly.  Missed out on the benefits of cloth nappies but will help Mummy now to find some suitable products for the 'older' kids!  Madeline was born in 2010 and in cloth from about four months of age.  Tried mostly AIO/AI2's.  One very clever girl who keeps us on our toes!  Isaac & Alana were born in 2012 and turned our lives upsidedown.  These two little bright sparks are going to be the product testers for any new products we consider stocking!


Supportive husband who is keen to see our business succeed.  Will be helping with behind the scenes technical support and child minding when I need time to get some work done.

The Beginning ...

Jessica and Nick began this business in 2006 and talk about both the business and MCN's with passion.  We would like to thank them both for the opportunity to take over their business and also for the support that they have given us during the transition.